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With over 30 years of combined experience, our Los Angeles electricians at Delta Quality Electric have been the trusted choice among homeowners and commercial contractors for their electrical needs. With expansive knowledge and the ability to handle virtually any electrical upgrade, repair or installation, we’re the experts to have on your team if you want to make sure the job is done right – the first time around. Feel free to check out our testimonials and see why our clients say that we are some of the best electricians in Los Angeles to help you with your next project.

What does Delta Quality mean to you?


At Delta Quality Electric, we know it only takes one simple wiring or connection error to cause a short circuit or electrical fire – putting everyone in the vicinity in danger. That’s why our expert electricians are committed to making sure our customers receive high-quality electrical work that is guaranteed to function safely for years to come.


We know our residential and commercial clients need reliable access to power. As such, we will make sure your wiring is installed properly and can accommodate your power demands today and in the future, so you’re never without the electricity you need to keep your home or business running smoothly.

Best Electrician Los Feliz

For Homeowners

We take care of homes in Southern California

With high-quality materials and superior workmanship, we’re known for delivering electrical work that will first and foremost keep you and your family safe, while also supplying cost-effective illumination that is both functional and design conscious. With highly satisfied clients throughout Los Feliz, Pasadena, Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles, Delta Quality Electric should be your choice for a professional electrician.

In addition, our comprehensive electrical expertise ensures that there are very few jobs we can’t handle. Depending on your needs, we can assess your current system to identify necessary upgrades or repairs, as well as take care of any electrical installation with ease, including new constructing wiring, remodels and additions, specialty fixtures, service upgrades and more. See why we are some of the best electricians Los Angeles has to offer.

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Los Angeles Electrician

For Los Angeles Contractors

We are proud to work with some of the most talented contractors in Los Angeles and surrounding areas on their commercial and residential projects. As your trusted partner, our team of top electrical contractors will work around your construction schedule, providing the services you need on time and budget. With decades of experience and a reputation for quality, you can be assured that we will always deliver durable electrical work you can stand behind for your most important clients.

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Tesla Home Car Charging

We handle Tesla Home Car Charger installations

Tesla offers the convience of charging your Model 3, Model S, Model X vehicles at home. Every Tesla comes standard with adapters to plug into common household outlets. At Delta Quality Electric, our electricians are well experienced in the installation of these wall connectors and making sure you have the correct wiring and outlets to make sure there is no damage to your Tesla. Tesla has made it very easy for homeowners in Los Angeles to be fully charged, just plug in your Tesla like a mobile phone and you’ll be fully charged by morning.

Delta Quality Electric has many homeowners throughout Los Angeles who have have had them install their home charging systems. Learn more about how Delta Quality Electric can help you get powered up.

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Los Angeles Electrician

Know the Difference

Electricians vs Electrical Contractors

When it comes to electricity-driven components, there is no margin for error. This is why it is critical for you make the right decision the first time. Whether you are living in an apartment in Los Feliz, home in the Hollywood Hills or condo in Pasadena, or you manage or own property here in Los Angeles county, the consequences of time will require your electrical infrastructure to need attention. When this happens, an electrician or electrical contractor will need to be hired. Learn what the differences are between the two to ensure your job is done correctly the first time.

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Commercial Electrical

When it comes to commercial electrical work, we focus on giving our clients exactly what they need: reliable, cost-effective services that last. To that end, we’ll make recommendations that adhere to your budget and power your space in a sustainable way, so you can meet your financial goals while avoiding premature upgrades and repairs down the road.

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Residential Electrical

Residential electrical work needs to be safe, practical and beautiful – and that’s exactly what our professionals at Delta Quality Electric deliver. We can install wiring, specialty fixtures, landscape lighting and more, providing illumination that meets your functional needs, enhances the unique features of your home and fits your aesthetic taste.

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Types of electrical improvements we can help with

Some of the most common enhancements we install for our clients in Los Angeles and Pasadena and surrounding areas include:

Recording Studio Development

With EMF in mind during our planning and construction, your engineers will love us

At Delta Quality Electric, one of the things that sets us apart from the competition is our specialization in studio development. As the trusted choice for recording, music and production studios throughout Los Angeles, we’re known for creating clean, EMF-free and noise-free spaces, and can walk you through outfitting your studio to the highest industry standards.

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Our Team

Becket Wells

LA Electrician

Becket is a residential and commercial electrical contractor with over 25 years of experience. As a co-founder of Delta Quality Electric, he’s had the privilege of working on a wide variety of projects, including large recording studios, high-end home remodels, designer retail stores, museums and more. In addition, he is trained in audio and movie studio electrical and EMF handling, making him uniquely qualified to cater to our clients in the entertainment and music industry.

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Stacy Wells

Best Electrician Los Angeles

Stacy Wells is the Office Manager and oversees all bookkeeping and administrative responsibilities for Delta Quality Electric. She makes sure the office is running smoothly so Becket can focus on delivering the high-quality electrical work clients have come to expect from our company. Prior to joining the team, she operated in an administrative capacity for over 20 years, working in events, finance and consulting.

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