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Tesla Charger Installion Los Angeles

Tesla Home Car Charger Installation Los Angeles

Throughout Los Angeles, many individuals are opting to embrace electric cars – especially the thoughtfully designed and environmentally friendly Tesla. However, making the switch means that you’ll need to be able to charge your vehicle in an easy and sustainable way that fits your lifestyle. For most people, that will require installing a Tesla charging station in their home.

Tesla Car Charger Installion Los Angeles

What you need to know about Tesla charger stations

EV Charger Installation Los Angeles

Before you purchase a Tesla and install a charging station in your home, there are some key facts you need to know. They include:

You may need an electrical upgrade

Charging an electric car uses a lot of electricity. As such, you may require a service upgrade, especially if your home is older or on the small side.

Fast charging is ideal

When you schedule your Tesla charger installation in Los Angeles, you’ll need to choose between fast and slow charging. Fast charging is best for your electric car because it ensures that the battery is entirely charged after each use, thus prolonging its lifecycle.

Consider your location

The ideal location for a Tesla charging station is your garage or driveway. If you don’t have access to either one, you’ll need to talk with your electrical contractor about other options.

What to expect during the Tesla charger installation

When our electrical contractors come to your home for a Los Angeles Tesla charger installation, we’ll make sure the job is done right, your home is safe and you have the electricity you need to power your charging station and your regular appliances for years to come.

To begin, we’ll confirm that the existing electrical outlet that will be used for the station is properly installed. If no electrical outlet is present, we will install one for you. We will then check the capacity of your service panel to determine whether or not it can handle the new load. If necessary, we will upgrade your panel and install a dedicated electrical circuit. From there, we’ll talk to you about the various charging stations that are available to you, including:

Level One Charging

Level one charging is inexpensive and very simple to set up. However, it’s also the slowest form of charging, which means it’s not in the best interest of your vehicle long-term. It uses a special extension cord that plugs into a home outlet with 120 volts.

If you choose this option, you typically won’t need an upgrade to your service panel, but no other appliances can use the same outlet. Level one charging works for all electric vehicles, including the Tesla, and a one-hour charge equates to about three to five miles.

Level Two Charging

Level two charging is a very popular choice among our customers in Los Angeles. This option charges your vehicle faster than level one, but it does require a special set-up because it needs 240 volts. This station is covered in a container and hangs on the garage wall, protruding out about twelve inches. You then just bring the charging cord with connector and plug it into your car. This option comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Works with multiple brands, including Tesla
  • Charges your car overnight
  • A one-hour charge equals about 8 to 24 miles
Tesla Home Charger Installion Los Angeles

Different Make or Model? No Problem

EV Charger Installation Los Angeles

Although Tesla may be the most widely recognized name in electric vehicles, there are many other popular options on the market – with more arriving each model year. Electrically powered personal transportation options are a skyrocketing trend, particularly among the environmentally conscious.

Delta Quality Electric can help you install home charging solutions for vehicles such as:

  • • BMW i8
  • • Chevy Volt
  • • Fiat 500e
  • • Many others

Electric cars require a fundamental shift in infrastructure. While the number of charging stations at offices, apartments, gas stations, and other public places continues to grow, the need for a top-level charging station at home is of the utmost importance. Whether you have already purchased your electric vehicle or are in the market for one, you’ll need to think about an efficient and practical charging system for your home. Our professionals are ready to help!

Which Charging System is Right for You?

At Delta Quality Electric, we know what different charging systems are available, and how each will benefit your vehicle and work with your existing electrical system. As you start to explore your different residential charging options, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations. Of course, no two electric vehicles are exactly the same, so it’s important to know what the maker of your specific vehicle recommends.

  • Cost, Performance, and Speed. Typically, there are at least two charging systems available for a given make and model of electric car: one that is cheaper, but charges more slowly, and one that is more costly up front but will charge your vehicle much more efficiently.

  • Mounted System Vs. Extension Cord. Some charging systems, particularly those faster models that use more energy, are mounted permanently to the wall of your garage, while others essentially consist of an extension cord or cable that can be plugged into any regular outlet. The latter option can be beneficial if you plan to continue to use that outlet for other household reasons, but there will be a limit to the amount of electricity it can provide.

  • Your Existing Electrical System. Some homes are already wired with electrical systems that make them able to accommodate charging an electric car without any issues. Others, however, may need some adjustments to be made, particularly if the home is older or smaller.

At Delta Quality Electric, our team knows electricity. Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibility of purchasing an electric car, or already have a clear vision in mind of how you want to incorporate a charging system into your home, we can help you take the necessary steps to achieve your desired outcome.

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