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Recording Studio Construction Los Angeles

Recording Studio Construction Los Angeles

At Delta Quality Electric, we specialize in Los Angeles studio construction, using noise-eliminating wiring methods, techniques and materials that will keep your recording, music and production studio running optimally.

The trusted choice for recording studios throughout Los Angeles

Our electrical contractors have been the trusted choice for studios throughout Los Angeles for over 30 years. We will walk you through creating a clean, EMF-free and noise-free space every step of the way, ensuring that your studio is perfectly outfitted to today’s highest industry standards.

EMF-handling studio wiring

Wiring with EMF problems in mind is designed to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) that emit from electrical wiring, lights, appliances and panels. It involves using specialty materials, such as shielded cables, boxes and conduit systems that are specifically designed to reduce EMF. We also carefully choose installation locations to minimize exposure, as well as shield meter panels, transformers and appliances as needed.

EMF Protection

An electrical system with functional deficits can create serious problems for residential or commercial users. Electro-magnetic fields (EMF) in improperly wired or grounded systems pose dangers to the building and occupants. These fields are low-level radiation, and have been linked to various health issues. If your system has unbalanced and improperly wired branches and feeders, an EMF can be present. Easily detected with specialized equipment, once an EMF is confirmed, the issue can be corrected. Remediation requires tracing the source of the error, and rewiring that area of the system to code-compliant.

What Creates an EMF?

In an electrical system, an elevated magnetic field is created when the circuits are unbalanced. The current must flow in each direction equally. When unbalanced, the two cables (in close proximity within a cable or conduit) will generate an electro-magnetic field. In a correctly wired and properly functioning system, the two equal flows of current cancel each other out. Some of the most common ways an EMF occurs include:

  • • Short in the wiring system
  • • Incorrectly wired electrical sub-panels
  • • Improper wiring design

When the electricity in the system is forced to flow through an alternate route, the imbalance occurs. This imbalance can be identified by a skilled electrician. Unfortunately, wiring errors are surprisingly common in new residential or commercial buildings, and these errors are often missed in inspections. Any new structure should be checked for the presence of an EMF. The wiring errors that result in an EMF are all code violations, and must be corrected immediately. A full site survey by one of the professionals at Delta Quality Electric can identify and correct wiring and panel installation errors. We can then perform the necessary remediation and document the issues for any necessary legal action against the original electrical contractor.

Commercial Buildings: EMF Remediation

While there are valid concerns about human health and safety, an EMF can interfere with the correct functioning of expensive electronic equipment. Ensuring the electrical system in a commercial building has been installed correctly is exceptionally important for any industry. Mysterious, intermittent interference with various electronic systems, from hospital diagnostic equipment to computerized manufacturing systems, to monitors and other electronic equipment is often traced back to an EMF. Electrical current in incorrectly wired systems can flow into water pipes and building materials, affecting the integrity of the grounding system in the building. The problems often arise from undetected errors in the wiring system allowing stray current to either leak into the grounding system or enter and travel within the neutral wires in the system.

EMF Remediation from Delta Quality Electric in Los Angeles

At Delta Quality Electric, our team of professional electrical contractors can assist commercial and residential property owners to identify and remediate these issues. We offer an outstanding level of competence, skill, and knowledge, and are often called upon to correct improperly wired systems so they function as they should and do not pose a health and safety risk or interfere with the ongoing operations of the enterprise.

A completely noise-free studio environment

Aside from EMF-free wiring, one of the top priorities in recording studio development is to ensure a noise-free environment. It’s important to eliminate buzzing and humming so that artists and producers using the space can perform their jobs as productively as possible. With that said, here are a few of the ways our Los Angeles electrical contractors completely kill noise in the studio:

Ground outlets

Studio noise often comes from improper grounding or ungrounded outlets, which also pose a safety hazard. If there’s unwanted noise in your studio due to grounding issues, the entire space may need to be rewired to completely eliminate humming and buzzing problems. We also may need to install isolation equipment to isolate your studio from the dirty power supplied by the city.

Eliminate low-quality cables

Low-quality cables can also cause noise in studios and degrade signal quality. In fact, many studios find that they can eliminate noise issues altogether and improve their audio quality simply by upgrading their cables.

Reduce RFI and EMI

Radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are forms of noise that commonly occur in studios. RFI comes from sources like cell phones, wireless microphones and garage door openers, while EMI comes from power supplies, monitors and computers. To reduce RFI and EMI, we will fix the wiring and put problematic appliances and fixtures on separate circuits from your audio gear to ensure a noise-free space.

Install balanced connections

Balanced cables, connections and loads are an added expense, but they go a long way towards eliminating noise in the studio environment.

Ask us any questions or schedule an estimate!

At Delta Electric, our Los Angeles electricians look forward to answering any questions you may have. We also will do a complementary quote for your residential or commercial project. We are licensed, insured and bonded and will take your next project to the next level. We look forward to serving you.


What to expect during the recording studio construction process

When you decide to partner with Delta Quality Electric for your Los Angeles recording studio construction, you can expect a completely professional experience. To begin, our experts will come out to your studio to evaluate the space, identify wiring issues that may be contributing to EMF exposure and assess potential causes of noise-related problems. From there, we will install all necessary wiring, upgrades and improvements to improve your studio sound while supporting the function of your space.

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