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Back-Up Generator Installation Los Angeles

Commercial Back-up Generator Installation Los Angeles

An emergency generator, UPS or back-up system is a necessity in a commercial building. It keeps businesses running in the event of a power outage, so that they can stay open, ensure their staff’s uninterrupted productivity and avoid costly data loss. Back-up generators are a necessity for any Los Angeles commercial building.

Commercial buildings are at risk of a wide range of dangers when building power is lost due to an earthquake, windstorm, or other natural (or man-made) disaster. While it is obvious that medical facilities should have the most powerful, safe, and effective backup generators, other commercial enterprises can face extensive financial damage as well. With changing weather systems, it is impossible to predict what the future will bring, from season to season.

Blackouts have become an ever-more-common situation, and finding out more about emergency generator installation in Los Angeles is now becoming a critical aspect of planning for what’s ahead. Your enterprise can continue to operate, communicate, and protect your critical systems and data with the correct type of backup generator system in place, ready to produce the quantity of electrical power needed. Only a skilled electrical contractor can evaluate your needs and advise you of the type of equipment that will best serve your industry and be sufficient to handle a power outage of longer duration.

Benefits of a commercial power generator or UPS system

Business doesn’t stop just because the power goes out. When an emergency occurs, companies need the ability to remain productive to protect themselves from financial losses due to short- or long-term power outages. A professionally installed generator or back-up system can deliver the electricity they need during these times, ensuring that:

  • Employees and visitors are safe from harm
  • Sensitive company data is protected from loss or theft
  • Security systems can operate normally
  • Business receive an uninterrupted supply of power, despite an outage
  • Computers, lights and critical equipment can continue to function properly

Types of commercial back up generators

There are two different types of generators for commercial and industrial spaces: portable and standby. Portable generators can be wired into a sub panel or plugged into select appliances using extension cords. They are inexpensive and can be used to power certain essentials, like lights and some computers, but they offer a limited amount of electricity and do take time to set up and fuel. As such, they aren’t ideal for large spaces or businesses that require a considerable amount of power. When using this option, it’s important to place the generator away from windows and doors and in an open area to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Standby generators and UPS systems turn on automatically during a power outage to ensure uninterrupted access to all of a business’s equipment. They’re powered by natural gas, propane and batteries and can provide the entire office with ample electricity – not just certain appliances. At Delta Quality Electric, our electrical contractors exclusively recommend and install standby generators for our commercial customers in Pasadena and surrounding areas because they’re more reliable, powerful and effective.

Back Up Generator Installation Los Angeles


All businesses that want to continue operating in a serious power outage should have a backup generator system in place, but in some industries, a trusted, adequate, power backup is critical. Any medical facility, from nursing homes to hospitals, to urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities can leave patients at risk and can risk losing expensive refrigerated medications without backup power. In the case of a natural disaster, facilities providing medical services will need all diagnostic equipment operational.

Bakeries and food production and distribution facilities of all types, including restaurants, should evaluate the risks associated with losing an entire inventory of expensive food items in a power outage situation. Installing a backup generator will allow the enterprise to keep freezers and refrigeration units functioning until power is restored. Without adequate backup power, the food facility will shut down and be forced to discard meats, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and other perishable foods after any power failure that continues for more than a few hours.

Security firms are entrusted with protecting their clients, and providing 24-hour monitoring. For obvious reasons, it is necessary that these firms continue to operate normally – particularly when an extended blackout often leads to higher rates of theft, increased numbers of break-ins, and vandalism.

Jewelers often have millions of dollars in inventory, and rely on electrical power to keep an alarm system functioning 24/7, to provide security lighting, and to power electronic safes. While some systems offer battery backup, an extended power outage can drain batteries, leaving the entire enterprise at risk of huge financial losses.

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What to expect during a back-up generator installation

When you choose to partner with Delta Quality Electric for your commercial back-up system, you can look forward to a seamless and professional experience. To begin, one of our Los Feliz electrical contractors will come to your building to calculate your wattage needs and help you determine the right-sized back-up system that can accommodate your power demands. It is important to get this step right because a generator that’s too large will be a waste of space and money, while one that’s too small won’t deliver ample electricity during an outage. Once we’ve selected an appropriate back-up system, we will perform the installation to ensure the building’s safety and prevent overloading the generator. Come find the best emergency generator installation Los Angeles has to offer

The first step is an evaluation of your business’s power needs. The biggest mistake many business owners make is failing to put a system in place that will provide power at the right level, and performs well in longer outages. Issues such as fuel source, installation location, and placement of the generator and transfer switches determined so the system is easy to operate and functions seamlessly when power is lost. A typical evaluation and installation will require only a day or two, with minimal disruption. With Delta Quality Electric, you can be confident that every member of our team of professionals will treat your building, employees, and your continued ability to produce your product or service with the respect it deserves.

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