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Becket does good work and is very conscience about doing it the right way. He takes pride in his work and does not have the attitude of "another day, another dollar"! He gets the job done on time too! I would recommend Becket for all of your electrical needs.Harold Rody

He was unbelievable! Right from the start, he worked with us to make sure that we were comfortable with the price. Once we agreed upon a price, he was ready and able to go. He was efficient, punctual, super kind, and even helped us with our roofing and HVAC contractors one day when we weren't home! He definitely went above and beyond what we have experienced with other contractors, and we're so happy to have found such a competent and incredibly kind electrician. Next up, we are going to have him install Christmas lights around our house for the holiday season. I'm sure it will look great! If you're looking for a fantastic electrician, SERIOUSLY, look no further. It doesn’t get better than Becket/Delta!Hilary Hearty

Becket was by far the best Electrician I have ever worked with or around. He maintains the highest standards of technical standards for installation as well as safety and quality of installation work. He was particularly aware of the exactness required for very technical electrical and low voltage installations and never compromised on anything yet was always dedicated to maintaining the schedule and timetable for installation work. He was always considerate and understanding of the interrelationships with other trades involved in any new construction or renovation project and always worked to ensure the best overall product was achieved for the consumer or owner or project manager. His knowledge and training in ALL aspects of electrical work is second to none that I have ever known. Additionally he not only maintains these standards for himself but also supervises and trains his own crew and staff to continue the same standards at all times. You will NOT find a better Electrical contractor anywhere.Derek Cusworth

I was referred to Delta by my general contractor who was restoring two fireplaces for my new home. My GC is with one of the most reputable masonry companies in the country so I was happy to take it. I have worked with many electricians in my time due to the fact that I am an interior designer and have worked on numerous homes in Los Angeles. Of all the projects that I have been on I have never used the same electrician twice as it as been in my experience one of the most difficult trades to find true talent in. The first name  they gave me was Becket’s. When I first spoke to him right off the bat I could tell that he was a very busy man, working on multiple projects, yet he still found his way to me within 24 hours. My new house was built in 1926, and with all of the previous owners and the updates and renovations this house has gone through I knew it would take someone who really knew his craft to be able to navigate their way to getting the results I wanted by undoing as well as coming up with new solutions to old problems.

I took Becket through the entire house as we made a list of every (there were quite a few) changes or improvements I wanted made. We made our punch list and at the end of the meeting he was able to tell me right off the bat what his quote would be which is great for me since I hate having to wait for an email days after a meeting to find out. When I asked him how long it would take him to complete everything, I was shocked to hear it would take him one full day if he tackled it head on. The day came and went just like he said, without a miss. I could end my story by saying the work was excellent, which it was, there were no hidden surprises with cost, which there weren't, or even that the time of work was accurate, but what’s most important to me is that I truly felt like I had made a friend more then anything else. It was such a pleasure to work with such a nice and happy person, I almost forgot he was there to fix my home. Thank you Becket for bringing such good energy in my home for me and my family.Diana Larken


You guys are the best . . . I couldn't have asked for a better experience. And you know how notorious contractors are.

You and Brandon truly understand the concept of customer service. It is a dying "art". And what about delighting clients with the unexpected - painting/labeling the circuit panel "blew" me away.

But you know what, it is the two of you as individuals that makes the difference - integrity, honesty, dedication . . . Ok enough!. You get the picture.

Cecilia and I truly want to thank you for everything . . even saving a couple light fixtures.

You have a client for years to come.

Yours truly,Don & Cecilia

I highly recommend Delta Quality Electric for their high quality prompt service with a "anything can be done attitude". As a former General and Electrical Contractor, I find these qualities rare in today's construction industry. You get what you pay for and more.Gavin Gray

I've hired a number of electrical contractors but Delta has been the best so far.  The work was clean, well engineered and done right in surprisingly short amount of time.C.S.  Commercial Property Owner

Becket was very friendly, professional, and thorough. While he was able to get the power back on in minutes, Becket continued to fully investigate why we lost power to our outlets at 1 AM, when only a small amount of power was being used. He stayed for almost an hour until he discovered the cause. He gave no pressure options for ensuring we don't have further issues in the future. After listening to stories of our past electrical problems, Becket even explained how to fix those issues ourselves going forward. Becket answered all my questions and even told me that if I had questions in the future when I'm doing my own electrical projects I could call him for pointers. Becket really impressed me, especially since this service call from a licensed electrician cost less than I paid a handyman in the past when we had the same problem. Becket made me feel like I was a family friend.Angie’s List Member

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