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Landscape Lighting Los Angeles

Landscape Lighting Los Angeles

Modern outdoor landscape lighting is a smart investment for any Los Angeles homeowner. A professionally installed and maintained lighting system can transform your yard into a beautiful, serene and more functional space, while increasing the value of your home and creating a much safer environment.

You also will set your home apart in the neighborhood with the use of some aesthetic outdoor lighting. At Delta Quality Electric, we have experienced electricians who are familiar with installing all types of outdoor lamps, lights etc. for driveways, walkways, tennis courts and general home decoration.

Benefits of landscape lighting

There’s a reason why many of our customers in Pasadena and surrounding areas are choosing to invest in custom landscape lighting. This home improvement comes with countless benefits, including increased:


Lighting the entrances and walkways of your home is not only beautiful, but it also increases your safety and keeps key areas visible when you’re outside at night.


Strategically placed outdoor lighting in dark corners of your yard provides the illumination necessary to deter criminals.


Professionally designed, installed and maintained outdoor landscape lighting will significantly increase the value of your home.

Curb appeal

Ambient landscape lights will create a warm outdoor look that sets your house apart. Plus, they’ll bring out the best in your home by highlighting the qualities that make it unique, like architectural details, trees and water features.

Enhancing your yard with custom landscape lighting

Our Pasadena electrical contractors have countless ways to improve your yard with custom landscape lighting. Depending on your space and personal taste, we can:

  • Accentuate certain flowers and trees
  • Add security lights to dark corners
  • Emphasize water features
  • Illuminate pathways and staircases for increased safety
  • Light a deck or patio for easy evening dining and entertaining
  • Enhance a swimming pool, gardens, statues and other focal points

Ask us any questions or schedule an estimate!

At Delta Electric, our Los Angeles electricians look forward to answering any questions you may have. We also will do a complementary quote for your residential or commercial project. We are licensed, insured and bonded and will take your next project to the next level. We look forward to serving you.


How we design your outdoor space to reflect your unique tastes

When you choose Delta Quality Electric to handle your Los Angeles outdoor lighting needs, the process will begin with a custom design meeting at your home, during which our team will talk to you about your vision for the space and the ambiance you’d like to create. During this appointment, we’ll help you determine the right type of lighting for your project, recommending low-voltage LED options whenever possible to make sure your electricity bill is manageable. We will also be mindful of your neighbors, suggesting lighting improvements that illuminate your space without affecting nearby yards or interfering with passing cars. Once we’ve discussed all of the available options with you, we will create a design that complements the unique qualities of your property and landscaping, while taking into account your budget, timeline and aesthetic tastes.

Once you’ve approved our design for your outdoor lighting, our Los Feliz electrical contractors will return to your home for the installation. During this appointment, we’ll place your fixtures and connect and mount the transformers, without interfering with your landscaping. Before burying the wires and connections, we will turn on the lights so that you can see what your finalized yard will look like, giving us the opportunity to make last-minute adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

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