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Switchgear Los Angeles

Switchgear Los Angeles

Switchgear is a critical component of a commercial building’s electrical wiring. These devices ensure that different areas of the system turn on and off automatically, especially in the event of a failure or short circuit. At Delta Quality Electric, our professionals perform switchgear maintenance and upgrades for our commercial clients, ensuring that your electrical system is safe and running smoothly.

What is a switchgear?

Switchgear is a general term that defines devices used for switching, controlling and protecting your commercial space’s electrical circuits and equipment. When they’re operating correctly, these mechanisms allow your generators, transmission lines and distributors to turn on and off as needed. In addition, they detect faulty areas and disconnect from the damaged portions automatically, protecting the rest of the system.

Is your switchgear functioning properly?

In a commercial building, it is essential that the switchgear functions appropriately to keep everyone safe. This requires devices that are:

  1. 100% reliable. First and foremost, your switchgear needs to be reliable. This is especially true in a commercial building with a complex and high-capacity system. If a fault or failure occurs, the switchgear must turn off the damaged portion – every single time.
  2. Capable of isolating faulty areas. Your switchgear also needs to be able to differentiate between healthy and damaged areas. This allows the building to continue receiving the power supply it needs, while ensuring that the faulty component is isolated to prevent harming the healthy sections.
  3. Quick to respond. When a fault or short circuit occurs, the switchgear must respond quickly. Failure to do so could result in damage to the generators and transformers, or the fault could spread to the healthy components and completely shut down the system.
  4. Automatic and manual. The ideal switchgear works automatically, but also features manual controls. If the electronic switch fails, the necessary action can be carried out manually to protect the rest of the equipment.

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The importance of switchgear maintenance

Because the switchgear is critical to the safety and integrity of your commercial building’s electrical system, it needs to be maintained and inspected regularly. If it’s not, the devices could fail, resulting in a safety hazard for everyone and the equipment in the vicinity. At Delta Quality Electric, our experts routinely maintain and upgrade switchgear for our commercial clients, ensuring that these important mechanisms are working properly when you need them most.

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