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Your home is your most important and meaningful asset, so treat it well with high-quality electrical work that can keep you and your family safe. No matter how big or small your job is, we’ll make sure that it’s performed properly and to code to prevent fires and other safety hazards. We simply don’t believe in cutting corners, and you can rest easy knowing that we won’t deliver anything less than pristine electrical work for our customers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Electrical is the one trade in which you should never cut corners. If you use low-end, non-licensed, or uninsured electricians, you more than likely will get low-end work. In electrical, a bad connection may not show itself for a year or two and at that time the consequences can be quite a bit worse than a leaky sink or running paint.

Taking care of homes in Southern California for over 30 years

Experience counts

Delta Quality Electric has been the go-to source for electrical work among homeowners who know that when it comes to the safety of their families, only the best will do. Between our technical expertise, practical know-how and creative solutions, we’re able to help our customers in Pasadena and surrounding areas with all of their electrical needs – including new construction wiring, remodels and additions, service upgrades, preventative maintenance and more. Check out our residential electrical services.

Quality you can trust

We know it’s tempting to go with the lowest bidder when it comes to household repairs, but when electrical wiring is involved, quality is far more important. A bad electrical connection is all too common and can put you and your family’s safety in serious jeopardy.

At Delta Quality Electric, our Pasadena electrical contractors have the expertise necessary to take care of your home. We’ll handle your job from start to finish, making sure your connections and materials are perfect and your family is safe. In addition, we’ll ensure that your wiring is designed to last for years to come, preserving your investment in your home and making sure you always have access to the power you need.

Does your home electrical system need to be upgraded?

The causes of electricity-related fires are extremely common. They include worn-out plugs and sockets, DIY wiring projects and repairs, installations that aren’t compliant with current codes, fuse boxes, outdated circuit breakers and more.

Too many homes in Los Feliz and surrounding areas still have these issues due to subpar electrical work, and thus need to be modernized as soon as possible in order to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. As such, if you notice flickering or dimming lights, odd odors coming from outlets or appliances, buzzing noises around your outlets, or breakers that frequently trip, it’s time to call in the professionals who can assess your electrical system and recommend critical upgrades as necessary with our residential electrical services.

What we do

There are very few electrical jobs our professionals can’t handle. Some of the most common projects we take care of for our residential customers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas include:

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