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LED Lighting Los Angeles

LED Lighting Los Angeles

LED solutions last longer and are more energy efficient than conventional lighting sources, making them the ideal option for virtually all businesses, including retail stores, office buildings and other commercial spaces.

Benefits of LED lighting for commercial buildings

  • Less energy usage. LED lights use 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and 50 percent less energy than high-efficiency compact fluorescent lamps, making them a highly efficient source for businesses of all kinds.
  • Cost-effective. Because LED lights consume so little electricity, they deliver robust electric bill savings.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. LED bulbs also last a very long time, reducing the costs associated with replacing and maintaining the lights.
  • “Green.” LED lights enable businesses to be more environmentally friendly by reducing both energy consumption and toxic gasses that are released by power plants.
  • Flexible. LED lights come in a wide variety of shapes and colors for commercial uses and can be used with dimmer switches. As such, they can be customized to deliver the precise illumination needed in each area of the building or office space.

Custom LED solutions for commercial spaces

Thanks to its many advantages, there are few commercial spaces that can’t benefit from upgrading to LED lighting. As such, our electrical contractors routinely install these fixtures to redefine and enhance a wide range of buildings in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including:

Retail stores

The right lighting in a retail space can transform the store and improve the way customers interact with the merchandise. For example, LED lighting can be used to highlight color and texture, make customers feel comfortable and help visitors find their way around the store. In addition, specialty lighting can be placed in areas like the break room, bathrooms or back office to support the function of the room. One can also add and change color depending on the display, the holiday season, etc. with LED color-changing arrangements.

Office spaces

LED lighting instalation in an office space is a great investment. When installed correctly, it can minimize screen glare, reduce energy costs and ensure that employees can perform their tasks productively and comfortably. When designing a new electrical system for our customers in Los Feliz and surrounding areas, our professionals focus on creating a solution that is durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial spaces

Industrial spaces require bright lights that can stay on for long hours – which makes conventional solutions prohibitively expensive. For these buildings, affordable and long-lasting industrial LED lights offer the ideal solution. These fixtures can ensure the health and safety of the employees and boost productivity, while substantially decreasing energy and maintenance costs.

Parking lots

Parking lot lights typically need to stay on throughout the night, which can be very expensive with conventional fixtures. Switching to LED lights delivers substantial cost savings in overhead and maintenance, preserving the security of the lot and keeping employees and visitors safe from harm.

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The LED design and installation process

If you decide to make the switch to LED lights in your commercial building, our Los Feliz electrical contractors at Delta Quality Electric are here to help. To begin, we’ll visit your space to assess your power demands and help you determine which kinds of LED lights are best for your needs. From there, we’ll design and install a custom solution that will boost employee productivity, increase the safety of your facility and ensure substantial cost-savings over the long-term with the best commercial LED installation Los Angeles has to offer.

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